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2019 Lindbergh Flyers High School Football Banquet Registration

Grades 9-12

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News Archive

Congratulations to the Varsity Flyers on an exciting and gutsy season!

By Lindbergh Football Secretary 11/10/2019, 12:30pm CST

What a great finish to the 2019 season for our Varsity Flyers! The Flyers persevered to beat Lafayette in the first round with a definitive 31-7 victory. Their semifinal game against Marquette was nothing short of an epic performance by all units of our Green and Gold till the very last minute of the game. The score did not accurately reflect how well-matched Lindbergh and Marquette were, with Marquette coming out on top 31-21.

Remember that all games are available to watch on demand under our Watch tab!

Registration is now open for the Lindbergh Flyers High School Football Banquet! Register now!

Congratulations to all Flyers Football teams on a great season at all levels! We can't wait till June!

Flyers play Marquette in the District Semifinals Friday November 8th

By Lindbergh Football Secretary 11/07/2019, 7:15am CST

Please come out to Marquette on Friday November 8th to support your Varsity Flyers as they take on Marquette in the District Semi-Final game! Please attend the game or watch it! The link to watch the game can be found under the Watch tab! Let's go Flyers!!

Watch the last regular season Varsity game on Prepcast!

By Lindbergh Football Secretary 10/24/2019, 3:00pm CDT

We'd rather you come to the game, but if you can't, please watch!

Link to the Prepcast of Lindbergh Varsity at Parkway South on 10/25 at 7:00pm can be found under the Watch tab here at!

Thank you to our 2019 Premier Sponsors!

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